Meetup #19 - DevOps Porto and Python Porto: Summer Talks



  • Welcome
  • Lighting Talk #1: Infrastructure as Code: a DevOps enabling tool (Diana Martins)
  • Lighting Talk #2: Behind machine learning (Ricardo Cruz)
  • Lighting Talk #3: GUI programming on Python with Tkinter (Vitor Domingos)
  • Networking break
  • Lighting Talk #4: Speed CI with Gitlab CI and Docker (Alfredo Palhares)
  • Lighting Talk #5: Needle in a haystack – a DevOps story (Ana Maria Heleno)
  • Lighting Talk #6: Python as a tool for experimenting (Leonid Kholkine)
  • Closing



Infrastructure as Code: a DevOps enabling tool

Diana Martins

With the appearance of DevOps, a product’s lifecycle stops being about separate stages conducted by independent teams. It transitioned to a continuous process carried out by teams sharing knowledge, thoughts, opinions, and tools. IaC tools allow infrastructure deployment and configuration management through code, proving themselves as a strong link element between devs and ops.

About Diana Martins:

Software Engineer and DevOps enthusiast


Behind machine learning

Ricardo Cruz

A linear regression and a neuronal network will be implemented using nothing but Python.

About Ricardo Cruz:

I do research on machine learning and computer vision.


GUI programming on Python with Tkinter

Victor Domingos @victordomingos

One of most overlooked packages from The Python Standard Library is tkinter and it's child ttk. Tkinter allows us to build graphic user interfaces without adding external dependencies, and with a bit of care, it allows for a good user experience. While learning Python programming, I have been exploring tkinter/ttk as a tool for building user-friendly graphical interfaces. I would like to share that experience and some of the insights that have arisen during that process. Tkinter may not be able to replace a native GUI toolkit, but can certainly be an important addition to any developers toolbox, both for personal use, or for bridging our code to less technical users.

About Victor Domingos

I was born in 1981 in Arcos de Valdevez and at the moment I live in Braga. I completed a 5 years degree in Psychology at University of Minho by 2005 and, throughout my life, I have always been engaged into learning something. I work as an Apple Product Professional at Promais. I started learning Python about 2 years ago and most of that time I have been exploring the possibilities of Python/tkinter for building Mac-friendly graphical user interfaces.


Speed CI with Gitlab CI and Docker

Alfredo Palhares

Short description of Gitlab CI and you can get it running and building. From building, test and deploy, the example is on kubernetes.

About Alfredo Palhares:

Lead DevOps Engineer @ Prozis, Fitness and Outdoors entusiast.


Needle in a haystack – a DevOps story

Ana Maria Heleno

What are the main challenges about recruiting in IT? What do recruiters search for when hiring for DevOps roles? At this point, we are all used to hearing about how the labor market is becoming more dynamic and fast-paced. Companies look for top notch engineers for their teams – recruit, hire, retain, let go. Rewind and repeat. We are dealing with people, companies and their circumstances - and this scenario can change very quickly. There is never a perfect fit; but what can we do to be as close as possible to that?

About Ana Maria Heleno:

Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Natixis in Portugal


Python as a tool for experimenting

Leonid Kholkine @leonidkho

In an agile and lean world, when you need to get the fastest feedback for your buck, you need a tool that can accelerate your software development and create an MVP in days. That's where Python can come in. This talk will be focused on how to use how to create an MVP quickly with Python and how to put in production as fast as possible, with concrete example from Tonic App.

About Leonid Kholkine:

Graduated in Computer Engineering, I've started my career as a freelance developer, worked on several web and VoIP projects. Currently I'm the Head of Engineering at Tonic App.

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